Bay Area Jazz Archives (BAJA) is a unique collection of previously unreleased recordings of the San Francisco Bay Area's finest jazz artists from 1970 - 2000. The Jazzschool is proud to release the Bay Area Jazz Archives series on the Jazzschool Records label.

Enjoy the music!

Mark Levine - Producer, Bay Area Jazz Archives
Susan Muscarella - Executive Director, Jazzschool Inc.

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Bay Area Jazz Archives (BAJA) is a collaboration between myself and Jazzschool Records, an ongoing, archival record of Bay Area jazz and Latin jazz from approximately 1975-2000.

Comprised mostly of unreleased demos from my collection -- demos that should have made it to release but didn't -- they fill in much-needed gaps in the history of jazz in the San Francisco area.

Musicians that should have gotten wider recognition - Chuck Clark, Mike Morris, Don Weed, Bishop Norman Williams, David Ginsberg; bands that never made it to the next level - Esencia and Ellis Island; and recordings that were released but were never promoted and sank out of sight - by Wayne DeSilva and Que Calor; and a few musicians that made it out of the Bay Area to find success in NY - Peter Washington, Larry & Phil Grenadier, Eddie Henderson, Peck Allmond, Linda Goldstein, Kenny Wollesen - are represented as well.

The CDs sell for the unheard of price of $9. Each is in a Limited edition of 500. They are sold only by the individual artists, as well as at the Jazzschool Book and Record Store.

The releases so far (shown in bold), and those planned, are shown below:

  • BAJA #1 David Ginsberg "Tribute"
  • BAJA #2 Linda Goldstein "What's To Expect?"
  • BAJA #3 Mike Morris "The Legend Of 'Trane"
  • BAJA #4 Ellis Island "Ellis Island 1977"
  • BAJA #5 Chuck Clark "Blue Room"
  • BAJA #6 Que Calor "Keeper Of The Flame"
  • BAJA #7 Esencia "Esencia"
  • BAJA #8 Mark Levine "New Music From New York"
  • BAJA #9 Wayne deSilva "Marble Park"
  • BAJA #10 Jerry Rusch "Serenata"
  • BAJA #11 Mark Levine "At the Reunion 1975"
  • BAJA #12 Paul Nagel "NLS"
  • BAJA #13 George Cotsirilos "Seems To Be"
  • BAJA #14 Khalil Shaheed "Tajine"
  • BAJA #15 Benny Velarde y Supercombo "Viva Velarde"
  • BAJA #16 Don Weed "Without A Song"
  • BAJA #17 Warren Gale "The Timeseekers"
  • BAJA #18 Eddie Marshall "Jazz At Filoli 1992"
  • BAJA #19 Sal Nistico "Stella Wise"
  • BAJA #20 Betty Shaw "Ask Me Now"

Coming: Warren Gale, Eddie Marshall, Sal Nistico, Betty Shaw

Click to listen to the KQED (NPR) review of BAJA by Andy Gilbert, featuring music by David Ginsberg and Chuck Clark

Press Release:

Jazzschool Records proudly announces the release of Volumes 13-16 of its ongoing Bay Area Jazz Archival (BAJA) Series, to be released on May 1st, 2011.

George Cotsirilos - "Seems To Be"
(BAJA 13)

  • George Cotsirilos, guitar
  • Paul Nagel, piano
  • Rob Fisher, bass
  • Eddie Marshall, drums

George has released three CD's on OA2/Origin Records, including the recent trio recording, 'Past Present.' Paul Nagel, whose own CD "NLS" is part of this series (BAJA 12), meshes beautifully with Rob Fisher and the legendary Eddie Marshall, whose own BAJA release is coming up in Sept 2011.

Khalil Shaheed - "Tajine"
(BAJA 14)

  • Khalil Shaheed, trumpet
  • Yassir Chadly gembre, oud, vocals, percussion
  • Deszon Claiborne, drums
  • Glen Pearson, keyboards
  • Ron Belcher, bass
  • Bouchaibe Abdelhadi, dembek, violin, oud, vocals, percussion
  • Richard Howell, saxes, vocals, percussion
  • Ele' Howell, djembe
  • Daniel Ryman, keytar

Khalil is among the most respected musicians in the Bay Area. He has played with everybody from Jimi Hendrix to Woody Shaw, and his Mo'Rockin project fuses jazz, funk, rock, and a genre I've always been partial to, Moroccan Gnawa music, and gimbri master Yasir Chadly is essential to the musical mix.

Benny Velarde - "Viva Velarde"
(BAJA 15)

  • Benny Velarde, timbales
  • John Calloway, flute & keyboards
  • Sal Nunez, vocals, percussion, coro
  • Terry Russell, trombone
  • Ray Martinez, percussion, coro
  • Jorge Pomar, bass
  • Tim Devine, sax
  • Carlos Araiza, congas, coro
  • Ross Wilson, trumpet. Trombone, coro
  • Orlando Cepeda, voice

Benny had the #1 salsa band in the Bay Area for over 50 years, and is still going strong in his mid-80s. I had the pleasure of playing both piano and trombone in Supercombo for many years in the 1970s and '80s, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Don Weed - "Without a Song"
(BAJA 16)

  • Don Weed, tenor sax
  • Eddie Henderson, trumpet
  • Mark Levine, piano
  • Scott Steed, bass
  • Jimmy Robinson, drums

Don was a powerful player on the Bay Area scene in the 1980s. This recording also features the great Eddie Henderson, Scott Steed - long-time bassist with Diane Schuur - and Jimmy Robinson, Sacramento's finest drummer.

Warren Gale - "The Timeseekers"
(BAJA 17)

  • Warren Gale, trumpet
  • Jeff Chimenti, piano
  • Ron Belcher, bass
  • Jack Dorsey, drums

Warren has been the Bay Area's leading jazz trumpet player for decades. The first time I heard him, I thought "Woody Shaw," as he was influenced by the Great One from early on. This CD showcases Warren's tunewriting talent as well as his playing.
- Mark Levine

Eddie Marshall - "Jazz At Filoli 1992"
(BAJA 18, double CD)

  • Eddie Marshall, drums & recorder
  • Peck Allmond, trumpet
  • Kenny Brooks, tenor sax
  • Mark Levine, piano
  • Jeff Chambers, bass
  • Kenny Wollensen, drums

This was the best Bay Area small band in the '90s, and Eddie has been the premier drummer in the Bay Area for decades. This, only his third recording as a leader, was recorded at one of the Bay Area's premier venues of all time, Jazz at Filoli, part of See's Candies Jazz at Filoli series, and later broadcast on KJAZ, on See's Sunday Night. The seldom recorded Kenny Brooks and Peck Allmond, both now in New York, shine on this recording.
- Mark Levine

Sal Nistico - "Stella Wise"
(BAJA 19)

  • Sal Nistico, tenor sax
  • Mark Levine, piano
  • Peter Barshay, bass
  • Bobby Rosenstein, drums

No, Sal was not a Bay Area guy, but he loved the area, and often talked about moving here. The rhythm section is all Bay Area, and gives a rare opportunity to hear Bobby Rosenstein. He was well on his way to being everybody’s favorite drummer until he left the planet, way too young.
- Mark Levine

Betty Shaw - "Ask Me Now"
(BAJA 20)

  • Betty Shaw, piano
  • Chuck Metcalf, bass
  • Ron Marabuto, drums

Betty is a living legend in the Bay Area, and has played with just about everybody. Still going strong in her eighties, she blends beautifully with Chuck and Ron, two other long-time heroes of the local scene.
- Mark Levine

Mark Levine & The Latin Tinge - "Leilani's Leap"
(BAJA 21)

  • Mark Levine, piano
  • John Santos, congas
  • Peter Barshay, bass
  • Paul van Wageningen, drums

This is my best Latin Tinge CD!
- Mark Levine

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